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Business Description
We focus on building AI-equipped solutions in the field of e-business industries. Initially, we are developing a well-designed AI Chatbot to help the business grow in their respective field by providing them with an easy-to-browse chatbots.
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By using a chatbot, your clients won’t have to browse or have endless (and tedious) conversations with customer service representatives. Chatbots quickly become the best personal shopper, problem solver, and friend your clients have never met.

In marketing, for example, chatbots can guide customers to the information they’re looking for, inspire them or help them choose the right products, or enhance employee productivity by automating necessary processes.

There are two types of chatbots that can simulate human conversations and the type you go with really depends on your needs and on what problem you’re trying to solve:

Script-based chatbots are simple and rule-based, meaning they respond to specific commands and follow a predefined script and flow. They’re only as smart as you make them. So don’t go asking it the wrong thing…. Script-based chatbots are often used in customer service, as shopping assistants or for simple things like weather forecasts.
AI-powered chatbots have an artificial brain function that uses machine learning and draws on context, meaning your clients don’t have to be specific when asking questions. Best of all, they learn over time – like Siri, they’re designed to be “human,” they can find you things based on your history of likes and dislikes and your searches over time.

We focus on configuring a chatbot that users will keep coming back to and that will continue to provide value for your users time after time.

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Chatbot, Artificial Intelligence, E-Business, Machine Learning

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