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CompPair brings on the market healable and sustainable composite material solutions to reduce repair time from hours to minutes and improve circularity. CompPair is the result of 12 years of thorough research in the field of self-healing composites from EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland. We are now able to deliver an efficient smart and bio-inspired solution for extending the lifetime of composite structures (applications including sports, marine, windmill, aerospace, automotive). CompPair provides smart prepregs (preimpregnated textiles) semi-products integrating a novel chemistry and compatible with existing production lines of structural composite materials. These new materials enable repeated damage healing, usage as resistant and lightweight materials and easier recycling at the end-of-life. Reducing maintenance costs, increasing products lifetime and improving global sustainability while keeping standard specifications are the opportunities we provide to the composites industry.
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Composite, Healable Composite, Sustainable Prepreg, Smart Prepreg, Material Science, Healable prepreg, Healable Technology, Preimpregnated Textiles, Composite Repair, Glass Composite, Carbon Composite, Composite life extension, Repair, Composite Science, and Smart Material
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