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At Complidata, we develop A.I.-driven Process Automation Solutions for Financial Institutions. Our key solutions include: Trade Finance Risk Monitoring, AML Optimisation and Corporate KYC Automation.
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Complidata positions itself at the crossroads between technology and advisory. The solutions are built with a deep domain expertise gathered from over 20 years of hands-on regulatory, operational and technical experience. The founding partners and leaders at Complidata have designed and managed a wide range of medium to large scale AML initiatives globally.

We increase efficiency and effectiveness in specific domain (AML, Corporate KYC, Trade Finance) and processes using advanced analytical techniques:
► Trade Based AML: Digitising the paper trail and automating manual checks on parties, counter-parties, ports and cities, vessels and ownerships, shipping routes and goods against Sanctions & Embargoes and dual use goods lists; risk rating the trade and the vessels
► Corporate KYC: Automating the extraction of company information, directors and UBO’s from registers and documents, optimising company risk scorecards, data remediation, ID&V data extraction, entity resolution
► Detection tuning and optimisation: Model tuning, segmentation, above and below the line threshold testing, client and payments screening optimisation, 2nd filter
► Investigation automisation: Alert risk ranking, OSINT robotisation, data exploration, automated narrative generation

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