Close the gap – blue sky (CTGBS)

Close the gap – blue sky (CTGBS)
Business Name:
Close the gap – blue sky (CTGBS)
Business Description:
Our mission is to help the millions of African citizens, there to day living with any form of power solutions and electricity in homes. Our solution is simple, we want to give out a minimal form of Solar panels, to all the citizens in Africa, fast as possible. With a payback system.
Africa is a leading leader in mobile phones and payment systems, therefore the citizens also need the opportunity to charge devices as mobile phones, lightning, and other small devices.
By technology and materials prices today, 2021 is the year for taking action, because it’s now possible to compare prices, to scale up a concept like this, in a cheap and handled way.
We want to do it together with Stakeholders, NGO, investors and countries. And on that way being a first mover with a topic for – being the first company that is giving electricity to the full mass of homes/citizens that need Solar solutions, that’s to day, is estimated to 600 millions people.

“Keep it simple, because it has to be simple”. – Our Solar grids, Is thin as paper, and made by organic Danish design foil, and in that way we secure a greener future, no toxicity, and a greener environment in Africa. Also Close the gap – blue sky, is caretaker for the infrastrastructure in Africa – that will say that our system is designed for houses, bungalows, small areas, cities, and flexible and moveable, so it’s not an eyecatcher. Africa is beautiful as it is, and we won’t change anything in that.
Based in:
Denmark, Africa, Spain
Energy, Solarpanels
Total Funding:
No funding announced yet
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