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Business Description
Clewat is an innovative growth company registered in Finland that makes environmental solutions based on an innovative patent-pending flow-management approach. The company manufactures and operates solutions related to removal of harmful water plants and algae, marine plastic, oil and chemical spills, environmentally sustainable melting of snow and air purification.
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Clewat’s mission is a clean, plastic-free sea with the help of a sea cleaning vessel developed by the Chief innovator Johannes Myllykoski. After the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 Myllykoski realized that there are still not good enough solutions to tackle the environmental problems of the sea. But Myllykoski wanted to make a difference so he started working on a device which could collect oil properly.
During the first years of the device’s development, Myllykoski realized that,with the same amount of effort, he could make a device that would also collect plastic waste from the sea. He found out that by utilizing the water flow, it is possible to find a solution that would effectively improve both serious problems.
The device did not come easy. Myllykoski has devoted thousands of hours to developing it. However, a small prototype has grown in less than ten years, a device that is already operational in seas, rivers, lakes, and harbor pools. Clewat company was founded in 2018 by Johannes Myllykoski. The company originated in Kokkola, Finland where the vessels are still made.
Clewat’s goals are high and they are supposed to be achieved quickly. The first devices have been on the seas in the spring of 2019 and Clewat’s goal is that two years from now, 20 of Cleansweep-vessels will clean the oceans.
Clewat – For a cleaner environment
In the removal of water-based nuisances the company currently produces 3rd generation cleaning vessels, i.e. Clewat Cleansweep -series. That particular vessel type has been operated by Clewat in more than half-a-dozen-countries with excellent results. The Cleansweep-solution has won the Ålandsbanken Baltic Sea award for the most important innovation in 2018. Additionally, the development and piloting work has been supported by the government of Finland, and the vessel's cleaning work has been commissioned by various governmental and private organizations.

Clewat's innovation is one of the most effective solutions to marine environmental problems today. Innovation is based on exploiting the flow of water, which allows high power to be achieved with a small amount of energy. The vessel collects plastic, oil and harmful vegetation with the booms at the front, where the water flow is regulated so that various debris and impurities enter the ship's conveyor and then sorted into tanks.
Cleansweep is highly scalable, since by adjusting the length of the booms, the width of the area to be treated can be increased up to more than a kilometer. The vessel is capable of collecting down to half a millimeter sized particles. Cleansweep vessels are currently seven meters long and two meters wide, which is approximately the size of a container, so that it can be easily transported around the world.

Even a single Cleansweep vessel can collect more than 200 cubic meters of garbage and harmful vegetation per hour. Flow-based technology does not cause mechanical stress to watercourses and has no negative environmental impact. Concerning oil spills, Transport Canada estimates that in a

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