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In the new everything as a service era, traditional enterprises are forced to move from their legacy infrastructure toward cloud services. At the same time, in most cases enterprises are bound to their old proprietary vendors with complexity, missing features, overvalued busy consultants and other well-known issues, described as vendor lock-in. Even when those vendors are cloud-ready, they will now dictate their service roadmaps and “steal” the freedom of decision from businesses, their flexibility and ability to act over re-act.

As a game changing alternative, the CLAIOS company provides open and scalable replacements for particular software components or services. A business can now build up its own ecosystem based on OpenSource platform, turn every component into a service and integrate it with other CLAIOS or non-CLAIOS services.
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It is possible to build up Multi-Language and Multi-Tenant Knowledge Management Services, Corporate Social Media, Content Services Platforms, Compliance and Governance Management Systems, Product Information Management, Multi-Site, Multi-Shop, Multi-App and other solutions.

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Cloud, Enterprise Software, Low-Code/No-Code, Collaboration, Coworking, Workflow Automation
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No funding announced yet
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