Cirqle Biomedical

Cirqle Biomedical
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Cirqle Biomedical
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Copenhagen-based Cirqle Biomedical is the creator of a non-hormonal contraceptive technology for women: OUI. OUI is a capsule that after insertion rapidly dissolves and releases the formulation. It is targeted to provide effective birth control a minute after insertion and for up to 1 day without the use of any hormones. The contraceptive technology is an alternative to hormonal birth control which is known to have a long list of potential side-effects including mood swings, headaches, anxiety and low libido. Cirqle Biomedical was founded with the help of Dr. Ljudmila Katchanhas in 2018, and has since raised a total of €1.6 million which is being used in pre-clinical development.
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FemTech, Birth Control, Contraception, Cirqle, OUI, Copenhagen
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No funding announced yet

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