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Business Description
Chap SDK – a new way of advertising
Chap SDK is an independently geo-localized Advertising System for Applications.
With an easy and quick implementation of the SDK, the customer through a Dashboard can place coupons and Information’s on determinates places (GPS – Coordination’s) for their users and get notified if he enters in a range of 50 meter.
Long Business Description

Chap SDK - Marketing and sales tool for Applications
In order to better understand the Chap project, we first need to know what a so-called SDK is. The term SDK is an abbreviation of the English description "software development kit". Imagine a code that has been developed to integrate in any existing application with little effort, similar to the functionalities of a plug-in. The target customers of Chap are companies that run a webshop and want to implement an augmented reality (AR) application for marketing purposes without having to bear the high development costs themselves.

The Chap SDK is available for download directly from Chap's corporate website. With the download of the SDK's also a tutorial is included, which describes the simple implementation of the software in just a few steps. As soon as the Chap SDK has been integrated into a webshop, it will be extended by an innovative marketing tool. Chap offers companies the opportunity to communicate with their customers in a new disruptive way with the emerging world of Augmented Reality (AR). Moreover it will be possible to cost-effectively test new advertising opportunities offered by geodata technology.

In order to make the implementation of the software as user-friendly as possible, Chap will provide its customers with a specially designed dashboard. After the implementation of the SDK, a company profile of the customer is created directly on the Chap Dashboard. The company can access the dashboard via an assigned login name and password and place their chaps.

What is a chap? A chap is a virtual pin that can be placed by companies anywhere and will show up as push notifications with or without augmented reality from the customers.

What opportunities does the chap dashboard offer to a company?
The main function of the dashboard is the possibility to place chaps on a Map (E.g. Google Maps).
Moreover the company has the possibility to choose between different types of chaps and to trigger these at a certain coordinate. So you can place coupons, products or advertisements and adapt them to individual customer needs and marketing goals.

Example 1:
A company has the opportunity to place for a customers birthday a virtual package directly in front of their door which includes a birthday congratulation and a voucher for the next purchase.

Example 2:
A sports company has the opportunity to place a chap on top of the mountain and the athlete customer who picks up the chap first, gets a voucher for a new avalanche search device.
Example 3:
A company has the opportunity to lay a chap in front of a fair, where they can not be present. All customers of the company visiting the fair are made aware of the placed advertising of the company when they arrive.

The company will not only increase Chap's performance, but also gain relevant data that could guide the marketing department's next steps in the right direction. Part of the dashboard is designed to bring the data gained to the company through a clear analytical image in the Analytics section.
In order to ensure the correct and easy implementation of the SDK, Chap will have a live support. Its task is to help companies with the integration and possible technical problems.

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