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The world's largest Augmented and Mixed Reality community. Catchar​ is the world largest Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality community and hub where users and developers can share, promote and discover the best XR examples, apps and lenses for HoloLens, Magic Leap, ARKit, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, ARCore and Vuforia.

For users it provides a range of opportunities, namely: to discover the best AR apps and games, find interesting AR campaigns and try them out, explore popular Snapchat’s and Instagram’s masks, learn more about how to use different AR products and projects, easily get or download AR products and projects.

XR developers and makers can promote their AR products and projects by ​submitting them to Catchar. An ability to create a personalised developer profile and share their own information, skills and contacts allows to get offers from customers for product and/or project creation. Moreover, it is possible to collaborate with other xR developers and makers.

For businesses and brands this is a good chance to promote and advertise their AR products and projects, especially target image based AR experiences (food and beverage labels, magazines, brochures, etc.).
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