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The Alternative Expert Network helping you gain trusted insights, connect to experts and discover opportunity in trending markets.
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CASSANDRA is transforming the way knowledge work gets done by tracking, identifying and connecting you with the people behind trending markets across the internet.

We are experts at finding knowledge and analyse millions of signals from across the web to surface the most relevant trends and thought leaders.

Why we analyse millions of searches, conversations and mentions across the internet

Contrary to earlier expectations, the internet has not given us more certainty, time or knowledge in our decision-making but rather quite the opposite. Over the last two years alone 90 percent of the data in the world was generated, leading to unprecedented information overload.

Investors and companies who build their intellectual advantages on the basis of knowledge need filters to stand the best chance of innovating, finding opportunity and succeeding.

Our role is to be exactly this filter, helping you to cut through the noise and connecting you to the right expertise for your business context. Merging external insights and perspectives with internal experiences, creating exclusive, proprietary new knowledge that others might not have.

Use Cases:

Identify trends and growing companies to invest in
Discover markets to pay attention to
Navigate opportunity and uncertainty from economic, political and technological changes

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Global based in Singapore
insights, trends, expert network
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No funding announced yet

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