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Business Description
Callbell is a software as a service platform for customer communication via Direct Messaging Apps.

Callbell helps B2C businesses to better serve their customers through their favorite channels, including Whatsapp Business, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct, Telegram & more.

As we enter the "now"​ era, Direct Messaging Applications are becoming the new big customer support paradigm. Thanks to an easy to set-up cloud platform and a customizable website widget, Callbell centralizes all communications in one single place, helping CS and Sales teams to connect to customers across channels.

An intensive program of applying artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms are under development.
Long Business Description

Callbell is the only tool that allows you to centralize all messages from Whatsapp Business, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct, Telegram & more in a single platform designed for your team collaboration, as well as creating a website widget through which your customers will be able to choose their preferred messaging app to communicate with your business.
With Callbell you will have the possibility to answer in real time to the different requests regardless of where they come from and to provide instant support to your customers directly on their favorite messaging apps.

Plug your preferred messaging channels
Invite your teammates and support your customers on WhatsApp Business, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct and Telegram from asingle integrated and multi-agent solution

Based in
Omnicanality, WhatsApp API, AI, Deep learning.
Total Funding
No funding announced yet
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