Butterfly Decisions

Butterfly Decisions
Business Name:
Butterfly Decisions
Business Description:
Butterfly is a company specialising in hi-tech solutions for decision-making management.
Our technologies include risk assessment algorithms and high-quality decision-making procedures that combine behavioural science and machine learning, which makes our systems stand out on the market.
Our solutions allow organisations to interconnect their data, improve the flow of information and transparency and explore various scenarios right before taking a final decision.
We have two main products:
– Decisions is a collaborative decision-making tool that, through virtual sessions, allows you to manage the decision-making processes of a working group through high-quality decision-making methods. Combining Behavioural sciences, machine learning and risk analysis algorithms, Decisions allows you to analytically compare different alternatives, overcome complex decision nodes, evaluate feedback to obtain measurable, faster and more participatory decisions.
– EDU is an interactive training tool that allows you to create decision scenarios, based on the concept of “decision tree”, simulating realistic situations or work processes. The platform can be used by both individual users and in groups (without restrictions on the number of users). The user can simply create and customize decision-making scenarios on the specific topic of interest (commercial, digital or soft skills). It is possible to engage participants with multimedia training content and gamification elements and enerate intuitive synthesis statistics, analyzing how participants decide within scenarios, to improve classroom training
Based in:
Trace, improve, speed up business decisions
Total Funding:
No funding announced yet
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