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Cloud-based, collaborative HR software to manage efficiently employees processes and keep everything under control: attendance, leave requests, travel expenses, time-sheets, skills inventory & assessment, training.
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Business Web Apps Ltd is a company with registered office in London and operational headquarters in Italy, in the province of Turin. specialized in web-based software solutions for Human Resource Management.
The more than twenty years of experience of the founder both in Information Technology and in Human Resources Management (HRM) and the use of the most modern technologies have allowed the company to specialize in delivering HRM solutions in the cloud.
The main product is HR-Assistant, which was developed in collaboration with customers and has been continuously tested in the field for about 3 years with excellent results.
HR-Assistant lets the HR department to save time and resources while at the same time easing information access and process monitoring. It allows the HR function to expand its horizons and free energies for more meaningful and useful interventions such as work engagement, training and development of human resources, recruitment.
“HR-Assistant” is employee management software in the cloud designed to simplify all the HR tasks like keeping employees database up to date, authorising leave requests, checking attendance, planning training courses, carrying out skills inventory & assessment, collecting data for the payroll, producing reports for presentations, managing employees timesheets, travel expenses and reiobursements. All human resources management tasks can be carried out on a single platform and in a natively integrated way.
“HR-Assistant” also helps reducing errors in HR activities, improving at the same time the control over processes. It permits to easily create a portal that employees and managers can access to manage their procedures and data, all under the control of HR staff.
With “HR-Assistant” all information related to personnel management is originated as well as managed in electronic form. No need to copy data to spreadsheets, with the risk that they become outdated quickly. All the handling and processing of human resources processes can be done on-line.

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