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HR application for innovative budget and benefits management, based on the participatory budget system.
Long Business Description

"BudgetBee is an application, works in the SaaS model, supporting company budget and benefits for employees management, based on the participatory budget system.
With BudgetBee you can effectively accomplish joint ventures and targets as well as personalize employee benefits.
BudgetBee it's dedicated to HR and Employer Branding departments, team managers and decision makers in companies.

Why BudgetBee is worth choosing?

- An innovative approach to benefit management in the company
Employees have the opportunity to take the initiative and clearly co-decide on the company's budget and benefits, as well as manage funds eg. for trainings.

- Quickly access with an intuitive interface
The application works in the SaaS model, so you can use it always when you are connected to the Internet. The application doesn't need addictional integration - you can use it right after you get access.

- Automated and easy transfer of funds
BudgetBee may automatically transfer funds according to a predetermined schedule. You decide the amount and when it should be awared.

- Time saver and budget transparency
The application allows you to settle expenses quickly and easily. You can forget about troublesome updating tables in Excel.

- An image of an open and commited employer.
Thanks to the implementation of team and individual goals, you get to know the real needs of the organization and manage your company's budget more effectively. Forget about misguided beneftis, employees will get the solutions they really need.

- Employee experience and satisfaction, motivation in the team.
Providing solutions that improve work comfort as well as employee appreciation will improve team motivation as well as efficiency and loyalty.

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SaaS, Employee Benefits, B2B, HR, App
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