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Business Description
Foldable houses for affordable price.
Brette haus is elegant prefabricated house, designed
to be easily transported, unfolded on site and connected to municipal network in a few hours. It already has basic bathroom equipment and all the engineering: electrical wiring, plumbing and water connection pipes.
Long Business Description

Brette Haus is a patented concept with layout and full-sized experimental sample.
The unique combination of technical solutions makes their research idea a game-changer in mobile housing.
Brette Haus will supply market with low-cost folding houses, which can be easily transported and installed on a site in few hours.
Five diverse ways Brette Haus could be used:
1. Summer house/Glamping
2. Outbuildings at the site
3. Home office
4. Pop-up point
5. Shelter/Barn
Brette house consists of 3 major elements – basic carrying unit, fold-out extensive side and roof units. These elements are connected by hinges. Brette haus unfolds under two hours and it can be easily connected to municipal network. Brette Haus stand out above most of other modular and transportable constructions with its neat exterior and minimalist design, which is corresponding to Nordic traditions. The living space doubles in unfolded state. The exterior is ready for changing colors, fitting with various decking, shutters, sheds. All Brette houses have form of a shipping container when it is folded. Up to four houses could be placed at one 40’ shipping platform. Dimensions in folded form meet the road and transport regulations of EU. Being a non-capital facility it qualifies for installation in coastal water protection zone and national parks.

Affordable price (starting at 800 EUR)

Ease of transportation. Container-like size when folded

Quick install. Under 3 hours to unfold and connect to mains

Neat outfit. It actually looks like a house

Cozy interior. Wood feels and smells cozy. Basic furniture installed

Ready to use. All the sanitary and electrical engineering are already done at production phase

Non-capital. Self-sufficient house can be installed on whatever is available to provide horizontal surface with 4 points of contact

Based in
Prefabricated, Affordable, Housing

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