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Business Description:
Bona Fortuna Trading Networks Ltd, is a continually growing Network of high
level professionals, for international trade and services, connecting countries in
emerging markets and beyond, through business collaborations by exploring
and promoting capabilities, investments, oil & gas products, financial services,
international banking and services of business entities and professionals.
We aim on developing a healthy business environment and also making
professional entities, feeling safe and certain for them to collaborate with us,
when they seek to establish business ventures or in need of professional services
within the countries of our networking presence, with us guiding them accordingly
when required and acting as an external tool for them.
Over our years of existence, we managed to have networking presence in markets
like India, Africa, Russia and China. Part of our networking approach is taking place
by working closely with Embassies and High Commissions of countries of our interest.
That way we create a solid and trustworthy relationship between us.
We represent companies coming from these markets and we exchange capabilities
and develop business opportunities to all sides.
The company’s target is to implement our network on blockchain technology for a trusted international trade and investments environment.
Based in:
Investment Capabilities, Commodities, Integrity
Total Funding:
No funding announced yet
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