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Blockchain technology can no longer be ignored in our society. The tide has turned definitively. Now that private adoption is widespread, institutional adoption is on the brink. The best-known example of the expression of this technology is the digital currency or 'cryptocurrencies', partly due to their immense growth.
We specialize in understanding the underlying technology and developing and applying a sustainable investment strategy in this highly dynamic and volatile sector. To do this as optimally as possible, with the right balance between safety and efficiency,
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Let’s start innovating and take the decision to be a part of this innovation with the A.I Margin Trading System the program can forecast the value of each cryptocurrencies. We can only try to predict with a great amount of trust.
A deepening of the A.I. In other words, the program are looking electronically on the web for directions, such as investing in investors and / or governments taking certain actions, the underlying companies of the ICOs.
The program operates autonomously 24 hours a day, allowing users to adjust parameters to their own experience.
The program is being prepared to be able to work simultaneously on the most important [on the basis of volume and integrity] exchanges. The aim is to ensure that investors can make optimal use of the exchange rate differences on individual stock exchanges with sufficient volume.
Discussions are ongoing to reduce the transaction costs for affiliated investors. However, this will depend on the volume / capital that accompanies the program.
We have a algorithm of A.I that’s analyze data like social media, newsfeeds, youtube that will react on emotions, in positive or negative way. Then we have the results to make decisions when the value goes up and down with automatic trade and the best strategy we can make profit. We want to expand this to the market and innovate the software better and user friendly.

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