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Block2Job – Multilevel social recruiting made easy by using blockchain technology
Paired with the unique power of a global online community, recruiting will now be easier,
faster and more efficient than ever before. With traditional channels of recruiting becoming more and more inefficient, the social community-based recruiting app Block2Job is going a totally new way.
Think about innovative recruiting by replacing the fishing rod by a net and gain access to all existing personal connections in digital social communities. With Block2Job HR recruiters can advertise vacancies of any kind and place a premium on successful referral. As soon a vacancy is filled, the premium will be split up automatically between all involved referrers by Block2Job.
Blockchain technology allows to document and reward all indirect and multilevel recommendations and creates a safe and transparent digital environment to generate required trust at employers, recommenders and job seekers.
By using the Block2Job-way, skilled workers who are not actively looking for a new job can be motivated to apply for interesting jobs they would never have heard of.
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social recruiting, blockchain, online community
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