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creating a digital twin of planet earth I powered by satellite data & artificial intelligence
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blackshark.ai provides powerful insights into the world by extracting information from satellite imagery fully automatically. A scalable artificial intelligence builds the core of the blackshark platform, detecting features with incredible precision and speed. A novel machine learning approach was developed to train a neural network for new features rapidly, enabling blackshark to serve various use cases in many different industries.

Input sources supported:

- satellite imagery
- 2D photographs (aerial, street level, ...)
- point clouds (photogrammetry or lidar)
- HD map data
- & more

Examples for feature detection:

- buildings (footprint, height, type, roof, orientation, facade)
- vegetation
- streets
- land classification
- flood detection
- & more

blackshark.ai can also fully automatically and semantically reconstruct detected features in 3D, using a patented technology for efficiently storing and streaming petabytes of data.

blackshark.ai is a team of 50+ data scientists, geospatial engineers, 3D rendering programmers and developers, self-funded and based in San Francisco, US, and Graz, Austria, Europe's computer vision hub.

We are on a mission to answer questions such as:

- Can my drone land in this backyard?
- How many solar panels are installed in India?
- How many tents does a certain refugee camp have?
- How many cars are parked in a specific parking lot?

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Artificial intelligence, Earth observation, Computer vision, Autonomous driving
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No funding announced yet

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