UI to add ready-made A.I. to projects.
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SaaS platform that allows users to add ready-made A.I. plugins and gamification in minutes to their projects tools to get rid of repetitive tasks, uncover new insights, and make work fun.
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1 week per month goes to waste due to repetitive tasks in projects. And we are not talking about simple tasks like moving attachments to a folder – these are already done. We are talking about tasks that require a bit more intelligence like finding a project number in engineering documentation or extracting an address and contact name from an email. Those tasks look small and unrelated, and we treat them as nuances of work. But these nuances kill morale and motivation – only 17% of workers are engaged in the workplace.
In Bitskout we decided to get rid of those tasks by building a software platform that has a ready-made intelligence that can understand the content, works on top of tools that we use for work. In Bitskout nothing needs to be coded or trained- you use a simple user interface to select what you want to do and how you want to do it. Additionally, you can add rewards/points to any tasks and use Bitskout to gamify various tasks, track performance, and introduce new processes.

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artificial intelligence, gamification, productivity, engagement, blockchain
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No funding announced yet
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