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Business Description
Bitloops is a developer platform that gives developers software engineering superpowers! Build high-quality software today using best-in-class principles, ensuring your system is easy to maintain, extend and manage in the future!
Long Business Description

Bitloops is a developer platform that allows software engineers to build high-quality software faster than traditional coding, easily integrate generic services into their application and swiftly deploy these applications to production environments.

With its own programming language, Bitloops guides software engineers to build backend software using best in class principles, methodologies and practices that give rise to software systems with well designed architecture and clean code that is easy to read, understand and follow.

Bitloops also provides developers with the ability to integrate ready-made generic cloud based software services such as authentication, storage, databases and real-time notifications that most web or mobile applications require today.

Finally, Bitloops offers developers the possibility to manage all their infrastructure and scaling requirements, by allowing the deployment of applications to the cloud for hosting.

Based in
Software Development, Software Architecture & Design, DDD, Clean Code
Total Funding
Between €1-€100K

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