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Bioful OÜ is producer of 100% natural high quality fulvic acid complex combining over 70 different minerals, amino acids and enzymes in liquid form. With the help of biotechnological processes the minerals in the Bioful fulvic acid complex are easily absorbable for any organism.

Bioful fulvic acid complex has many uses of which most beneficial is animal feed material. The key is to grow organisms that have an immune system strong enough to deal with pathogens and with an active metabolism enabling the organism to rid ITSELF of contaminants. A contaminant free organism can grow and reproduce to its full potential as it does not have to deal with problems that slow it down.

Adding Bioful regularly to animal feed (cattle, fish, poultry etc) will have multiple and long lasting benefits improved resistance to pathogens and stressors, increased growth rate, improved fertility and decreased mortality rate.

Market size is immense, because the product is versatile and easy to use in animal husbandry, aquaculture, poultry etc. Target groups include any industry growing living organisms. Initial focus is on aquaculture. In this sector the results are the quickest. Financial benefits are optimal as it is one of the fastest growing food production sectors. Furthermore, we have excellent examples of effective solutions in this sector.

The second high potential sector is the pet food industry.
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