Bio Company Lopyanko

Bio Company Lopyanko
Business Name:
Bio Company Lopyanko
Business Description:
“Bio Company Lopyanko” is a young innovative company in the agricultural sector in Bulgaria with high caliber team of experts in all areas covered within AGRY_GAYA’18 Project.
The main purpose of the AGRY_GAYA’18 Project is to establish a circular innovative type industrial enterprise for organic silk /highly renewable resource/ with further utilization of waste products from primary production as high quality secondary raw materials, which would lay the foundations towards human and environmental prosperity in the most underdeveloped region of the EU.
On one hand, the project addresses the problems of the poorest and least developed EU region, and on the other hand it is geared to exploiting the potential of this region to find a solution to future global trends, related to population growth, excessive consumption and the demand for food.
Long Business Description:

AGRY_GAYA’18 Project will deliver sustainable and inclusive growth in Northwest part of Bulgaria, based on Circular Economy Approach /CEA/ and consistent with the SDG of 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, providing green jobs, reducing unemployment and contributing to economic and social progress.
The company has developed new innovative products based on the home-made silkworm buds / Bombyx Mori /. The production of raw silk produces waste products that are good sources of food for both humans and animals. The food, feed and pharmaceutical industries use these types of insect constituents produced from organic waste.
One of the main purposes of the AGRY_GAYA’18 Project is to reach an annual production of about 500 t of fresh cocoons, 60 t raw silk quality 2A – 4A, 12 t grade-less raw silk, by-products silk sericin and protein powder and to enter in the EU and USA markets with a food supplement product. Not least, to open 250 new working places and to provide annual incomes to the family farmers in Danube Region around 2.3 million Euro.
A very innovative, complex and fully automated system of silk reeling, together with eco-designed procedures/operations for the by-products extraction and separation are going to be implemented. The full circular and innovative manufacturing process is designed in a very complex way, following strict procedures, quality requirements and international best practices for organic raw silk production and the new innovative products in the plant. The by-products, which are the waste materials from the silk manufacturing are going to be turned into new commercial products with a high useful value. These products are silkworm protein powder, silk sericin powder, food supplement and biomass. The new technological process allows to keep and preserve the essential amino acids and vitamins in the new products.
The diversified portfolio of products includes:
? Raw Silk – The main product of our production is the organic raw silk. Textile Industry is the main consumer of this product. It is an extremely pure, natural product that has been used in many industries throughout the world for centuries.
? Pupa? – Another substantial product that is disposed of as waste from production are pupae. Our closed production cycle will create and produce protein powder from those waste materials. It is used in the food industry and it very valuable food for rearing animals and fish. Also, the purest natural protein, without the use of preservatives, colorants, sugars and other harmful substances.
? Another waste product will be brought to the international markets, namely Sericin. The Sericin is a very valuable product for the cosmetic and medical industry all over the world.
? Biomass production under a special technology, ready to be used for energy production sector.
? Food Supplement – The most innovative product is our nutritional supplement – based on natural substances that help to support the activity of the gastrointestinal tract and will be an antioxidant and regulator of many vital processes for the human body.
The AGRY_GAYA’18 project uses the following algorithm: Socially sustainable development in Northwest Bulgaria is the goal, environmental prosperity is the main requirement and the result is the well-being of the population in the most underdeveloped EU region.
AGRY_GAYA’18 Project will serve as a bridge for Regional agricultural development, healthy environment, sustainable production patterns and use of all natural common resources as water, air, Danube river and agricultural land. As well a platform for all Universities in the Region will help for academic partnership, educational and exchange programs.

Based in:
Sofia, Bulgaria
Agritech, Agriculture, Renewable, Raw Materials
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