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Business Description
Binaryx is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows all traders to enjoy the trading fully. The crypto exchange is combined with another new feature, which is social trading. All registered users can buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more than 40 cryptocurrencies, as well as trade the same amount of pairs. One of the dominant features of this exchange platform is a marketplace for traders. Based on their reputation and rating, inexperienced customers can find and hire traders to learn how to trade in the crypto market.
Long Business Description

Binaryx is a team of crypto-enthusiasts, who decided to conquer the cryptocurrency world with a new product. Despite all tensions around cryptocurrencies in the European Union, it is hard to deny that cryptocurrency is developing and emerging in more markets nowadays.

Our talented team came up with an idea of the marketplace for all cryptocurrency traders, who want to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum or Tether, regardless of their current experience. Nowadays, there are a lot of cryptocurrency exchanges available for trading. Nonetheless, not all of them can provide regular users, as well as professional traders with decent features and opportunities. Here is the point, where we want to engage.

Binaryx is developing a common marketplace for all cryptocurrency traders. With this in mind, traders may enjoy the trading process by using our exchange, by selling and buying Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, as well as get clients to boost people’s knowledge and skills of trading. It is worth mentioning that our marketplace’s main feature is a rating system. Based on ratings, regular users have a unique opportunity to pick up professional traders as their mentors. They can learn how to trade, buy Bitcoin and make their first steps on the market under the mentorship of the best traders on Binaryx. Professional traders not only can increase their reputation among the crypto community but also earn solid bonuses in different forms.

Even though we may face a lot of challenges by presenting and promoting our product on the market, we are not ready to give up at any point. Our team desires to make the cryptocurrency trading more available for regular users, and more profitable for professionals.

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