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Business Description
Billio really is about providing a supreme invoice experience to people in both private and business capacity and on both sides of the till.

Our aim is to streamline the invoice management process starting from the creation of the bill, transmitting it from seller to buyer through QR/NFT, offer organised cloud storage and for businesses the flow ends by connecting a bookkeeping or CRM system. We want to be perceived as customer focused, lean and innovative, comprehensive in our approach to truly be a 'life' changer for anyone dealing with invoices.

Throughout our research we have received confirmation that invoice handling is a main pain point for almost all freelancers and business owners. A lot of unnecessary time and therefor money is spent on handling and/or converting physical to digital and digital to physical with all the risks of causing errors, which on its own could cause you or your company financial penalties.
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What we offer
Our main assets are software components created; primarily around transmitting, converting, and storing document information between external and cloud locations. The other main asset is the software written for enabling the payment link functionality to be corresponding with the transmitted invoice and enabling a buyer to pay for the goods without the need of a merchant POS.

Other software component assets are enablement of API connectivity to external CRM and bookkeeping software providers and, database analytics and data enrichment services.

For future phases we are researching possibilities to expand into; bill recovery services, advertisement, lending capabilities, wallet and pay card capabilities.

Market Analysis
Providing a holistic suite of solutions within the transaction market is seen as challenging. Below some of the research and findings around entering the Netherlands as a new provider.

We are fully aware that components of our service offering exist already in the market either as; water downed or exclusive fashion or blended in larger propositions by players of the expense management sector.

Until proven otherwise we truly believe there is a bright future ahead for our company, simply as people have grown so accustomed to how invoices are handled and payment options are offered, we have confidence that we can be that fresh wind they are looking for, and our research has shown this too.

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