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Business Description
Hydrometallurgical gold mine.
Extracting precious metals from Electronic waste.
We want to build the first plant in Europe using the best technological know how in the field.
Our engineer are in the for front of its development and both plant blueprint and tech testing are done.
Long Business Description

Hydrometallurgy is the most efficient treatment method of extracting precious metals from e-waste.
It is efficient energy wise, material wise and ppm (part per million) rate wise.
E-waste is a huge opportunity for creating a new line of business and a new concept of precious metals mine, upon an unlimited supply of materials, that can compete and win the mining market with the lowest cost of extraction possible.
This kind of plant will solve 3 problems:
*waste treatment
*precious metals prices
*environmental mining costs.

Be part of the change.

INvesting with us gives you 38% annual ROI per 5 years minimum!

We are looking for € 15 mln equity.

Based in
electronic, waste, testing

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