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Business Description
BH4U develops medical adhesive technologies that prevent skin injuries, speeding up healing,
and improving overall patient health. BH4U solutions are petroleum-free, CO2 free and zero-
waste, protecting patients and the planet.

When medical adhesives damage skin, patients face pain, irritation and infection risk.
By transforming how bandages, dressings and medical devices are attached to the skin, BH4U
is revolutionizing patient care.

BH4U is safe, innovative and eco-conscious and is here for you. For the world’s future.
BH4U’s adhesive technologies are just the start of their mission. They are researching and
developing a range of solutions to prevent skin injuries, improve patient outcomes, and take
care of Healthcare Professionals (HCPs). Everything designed by BH4U will align with Green
Deal objectives and support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.
BH4U has developed two solutions that prevent skin injuries, improve patient care, and save
money for care systems. Plus, they’re kind to the environment.

 Bio2Skin
A patented revolutionary glue-less adhesive, that binds firmly to the skin and peels off
gently without pain or irritation. Bio2Skin prevents Medical Adhesive Related Skin
Injuries (MARSI), promoting patients’ well-being.

 adhesiv.Ai
The next-generation monitoring device for chronic wound care. A biosensor patch and
partner app with an algorithm that predicts healing and informs care, without
disturbing the healing wound.

Since 2019, BH4U started commercialisation relationships and garnered recognition from
several key opinion leaders, multinational companies, investors, highly-recognised institutions
and programs.

BH4U is made from highly-motivated experts in the field which are focused on fulfilling the
market needs.
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