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Medical adhesive-related skin injuries (MARSI) have a serious negative impact on patient’s quality of life, clinical outcomes and facility costs. Fifty-five out of 100 wound care patients undergo follow-up care treatments because current medical adhesives cause irritation and striping of the skin (MARSI) due to their chemical formulation.
BestHealth4U (BH4U) developed Bio2Skin (B2S), a novel glue-free medical-graded product that disrupts and revolutionizes the current concept of skin adhesives. Bio2Skin adheres powerfully and peels off easily without damaging the patient’s skin ( because it explores the natural features of the dermis to establish strong, but reversible, electrostatic bonds.
BestHealth4U aims to license Bio2Skin to manufactures of medical adhesives and medical dressings by offering a competitive advantage against the current products in the market; their products with Bio2Skin would stand-out from the current products in the market as they would offer an effective solution for MARSI.
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marsi, medtech, health, health tech, skin, bio2skin
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