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The world's first Android advertising platform rewards consumers for looking at branded wallpapers. Belong is a free Android App that lets users earn unique rewards with brands by simply saving branded wallpapers to their phone or device. These can be still, animated or interactive. Users accrue discounts with brands that get better with time, the longer the wallpaper is saved. Brands benefit from exposure and users get bespoke artwork with personalised deals.

The more you look the more real it gets!

We look at our phones roughly 214 times per day, so there is a huge opportunity for both users and brands to benefit from our unused home screens. It's about time an advertising platform gives back to the consumer! Many of us save branded wallpapers to our phones without knowing, whether it’s the latest Ferrari or Hello Kitty cat. In doing so we’re essentially becoming brand ambassador. Our mission is to get brands rewarding consumers for their unknowing loyalty.

First of it's Android kind.

Belong uses Android's unique operating system to allow users to engage with their phone backgrounds. It also enables brands to monitor impressions, much like the data retrieved from online banner advertising. It's Groupon meets Wallpapers. iOS are missing out as they don't support Apps that integrate with their operating system to the same extent as Android. Maybe this will change them?

Who's want's it?
Belong is for those who have a preference when it comes to brands. They also live to do more and like to share experiences with friends but be money savvy at the same time.
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