Behind The Seams

Behind The Seams
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Behind The Seams
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Behind The Seams Limited is a small start-up business, based in Dublin City Centre. We are deeply dedicated to using resources that are local, sustainable, abundant and underestimated and transforming them into useful everyday products currently made out of synthetic or other imported and harmful materials. Our passion for nature is the main driving force behind everything we have done so far and the plans we have for the future of our company. We started out by making 100% Cotton Face Masks in March 2020, and up until now have developed a wide range of sustainable products. From Tote bags, organic cotton facial pads, to our Organic Wool products that range from pet beds to rugs, trivets and vases, with couple more products currently being developed. All of our wool is sourced from Organic Farm in Kildare, which is close enough so that our gas emissions for procuring the raw material are minimal. We process our wool by washing, drying, carding and then finally wet felting our products, all by hand. The woollen products we are making are not new technology discoveries. These products are created in the old fashioned way, with knowledge that we have gained through our experiences and attending many felting workshops, which we will promote and share with every person willing to learn how to transform this wonderful raw natural resource into warm, reusable and biodegradable fabric. We are relearning old traditions of working with wool, cooperating with other felters, and delivering solutions to eradicate the pollution that we are surrounded by. We are also committed to use minimal packaging and to reuse as much as we possibly can, and what we can’t reuse to be biodegradable.
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Circular, sustainable, versatile
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