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Business Description
We are an award-winning Czech startup, which currently consists of 21 members with a strong core of five experienced founders with an average of 20 years of professional experience.
Our goal is to provide a platform that makes online marketing simple and accessible to every user.

We won the Startup Yard Incubator among 150 competitors.
• Microsoft Awards 2018 finalists, and we are proud to partner with Microsoft to include us on Microsoft Azure
• Second in the Creative Business Cup 2018.
• Participants in the CzechAccelerator project (London, New York).
• We have already received 2x Seal of Excellence status in the EU Horizon 2020 program.
Long Business Description

Company Description
Any human activity and digital behaviour in Cyberspace are generating data and, at the same time, is influenced by various data analytics. When buying anything online, we are usually being hit by an unpleasant experience of remarketing storm. No matter what customer does, actual remarketing deadlock algorithms, do not allow experience on anticipated customer future needs, on the contrary, it creates immense spam. This deadlock is driven by two key triggers: 1) the actual state of the online advertising industry’s business model: driven solely by
the number of clicks and views, but not by the real conversion rate and 2) inability of the industry to predict what the customers really need, lacking the personalization element.
Our solution
We are building Behavee as a global open-source Personalization Platform – a service for real-time personalization based on anonymized behavioural data and dynamics of micro-segmentation. We aim to be a democratic and superior European player.
There are several platforms on the market utilizing partially the behavioural analytics. None of the platforms runs as an open-source - open platform and lacks the ability to openly cross-sell goods between its clients. Majority of these solutions lack true
microsegment focus and are not able to investigate future offers. Mostly generating offers from the past. In the long
run, our competitors can become Behavee partners because their business models can benefit from our platform and its open nature of anonymized data sharing. In general, our main goal is to create a platform open to other partners.

Based in
data, analytics, human activity, digital behaviour
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