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Business Description
Bareways develops navigation tools for bad roads. We use big data and AI to provide close-to-real-time data on the drivability of non-paved roads on a global level. The first product will be a B2C app for navigation in rural areas, but in the long run, we believe that our data can be used to enhance today's navigation tools in a B2B2C integration.
Long Business Description

Bareways is a software company and data provider that builds the first smart mobility platform which focuses on challenges in rural areas where unpaved tracks are a major limitation for today’s mobility services and most vehicles. Solutions are based on big data as well as artificial intelligence
analytics. The first product - a mobile app to enable robust route planning and safe travel on unpaved roads - will be launched in 2020. The long-term product portfolio will consist of applications and services to improve driving safety on difficult roads worldwide under all weather conditions with respect to the
specific vehicle capabilities. These services will be provided as mobile apps and integrated into the on-board units of vehicles.

Bareways’ innovation is to aggregate and analyze real-time data by means of artificial intelligence from vehicle sensors and earth observation satellites to predict if a specific road can be traveled at a specific time by a specific vehicle. Today, such datasets are to a large extent publicly available via open data portals from public authorities and government agencies. However, they lack a consistent data structure and calibration with respect to geolocation and time. Thus, we follow a unique approach to analyze how weather, season, climate, severe meteorological events, and vehicle capabilities influence if and how a road is passable. Driving on unpaved roads is also distracting and causes a higher cognitive load for users of navigation apps. Thus, we will add an adaptive user interface that takes into account how difficult it is to drive the current track. In total, we will enable a unique, more robust, user-friendly, and safer travel experience on challenging roads than with existing services. This is the first step towards assisted and semi-automatic
off-road driving, being exclusive to military and experimental vehicles today.

Bareways was founded in 2019 by Moritz von Grotthuss and Sascha Klement. The founders have a joint track record: they founded and established gestigon as a provider for gesture control solutions in the automotive market and successfully sold the company to the Valeo Group in 2017. Bareways benefits
both from the technical and commercial experience of the founders and was able to attract a core team of image processing, machine learning and automotive experts, that are all located in Lübeck, Germany. The company is funded by automotive-minded investors, family offices, and business angels.

Based in
Rural Mobility, LBS, AI, navigation
Total Funding
Between €1 million-€ 2.5 million
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