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Business Description
Startup in the field of storage and transfer of personal data. Declared stack technology Blockchain, Deep learning, AR. The startup team, studying the processes and algorithms of personal data storage services, identified a number of recurring problems and focused on solving them. The team primarily focuses on the security and functionality of the service in order to simplify the process of administering personal data as much as possible. The result will be a service with a set of interesting functions (Smart Store, Message to the Future, Family Tree, Digital Testament, Digital Signs). A person builds a profile that in the future will tell on behalf of the owner about his life (immortality on the network).There are a huge number of storage services that offer monofunctionality. Bank of Memories is a multi-service for working with memories and passing them on to future generations. The goal is to create a culture of accumulation of social capital in the form of personal data. Product A mobile service whose purpose is to help a person create their digital identity from their memories.

The main advantage of this service is security, which is achieved through decentralized data storage. Data inheritance is due to the built-in relationships in the family tree and the digital covenant function (quick access to information in the cell). Blockchain is responsible for this, the team uses the Stellar fork.
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Family, Mobile Dapp, SaaS,
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No funding announced yet

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