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Balio is an app that automates long-term financial planning, investing in a diversified crowdlending portfolio and allowing global access through stablecoins.
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In Balio, we help people manage their money in an automatic and personalized way, helping them create a net worth that will provide more freedom in the present and the future. This is the goal that motivated the four partners to get together and undertake this ambitious project: improve the lives of people through personal finances.

Balio is an app that creates a personalized plan to achieve financial goals (for example, a quiet retirement, a mortgage entrance fee) within a friendly, gamified and automated environment.

The process is as follows:

The user registers and connects their accounts through a secure banking aggregation system. From there, it defines a financial goal, and our algorithms calculate how long it will take to achieve it at their current rate of income and expenses, proposing a simple savings and investing plan.

While we guide the user towards a better financial situation, there will be a series of personalized recommendations of third-party products that would help them grow their net worth and reach their goals sooner. These products could be roboadvisors, deposits or remunerated bank accounts, among others. The business model will be affiliation, so we earn a fee for each client.

Moreover, in parallel, we are working on our own financial product. We want to create the first European crowdlending fund that consists of investing in multiple crowdlending platforms that are already available in the market. This allows the user to invest in a simple, liquid, diversified and high return financial product. The source of revenue will be a portfolio management fee.

Finally, to offer a global planning and saving service, we will integrate stablecoin as Libra or DAI, which will allow Balio to cross borders and reach a public, including unbanked, unattainable without the blockchain technology.

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financial planning, investing, money management
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