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Route to the cheapest, closest, top rated food within a specific neighbohood. Search by name and compare according to price, distance & rating, then navigate to the foods nearby.

AwayTake lets you compare foods within a specific neighborhood according to price, distance & rating and navigate to the food you selected by car, bike, and foot. AwayTake is the first app in global market to enable food price comparison and navigation.
In takeaway people take the ‘food to away’ while in awaytake we take people from ‘away to food’.
1. Share your location, text the food name that you are searching for (i.e. Hamburger, lahmacun, burrito, cheesecake, pizza)
2. Compare the hamburgers around you according to price, distance & rating either via list or map view.
3. Select the hamburger that suits your criteria & Navigate by car, bike, and foot.
4. Enjoy eating the hamburger that suits you best in terms of either price, distance or rating!
We provide real time dish prices, availability & location in following regions in your local language.
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food, food delivery
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