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Our business model is based on operating as a marketplace for rural tourism (exclusively) tours and activities such as wine, cheese or olive oil tastings, gastro tours, hiking, kayaking, rafting or trekking tours, fishing tourism activities, history and culture museums entrances etc, in Croatia and then Europe. Primary revenue stream is commission fee-based model of online transactions between tourists and service providers which allows us to extract value from both sides – 17% from overall value of the service sold (14% coming from service providers’ side and 3% charged to end-consumers) and second one is fee-based intermediation between our service providers and media production professionals. In general, we are solving the problem of rural tourism tours and activities market liquidity and dynamics by consolidating these services, allowing them to valorise their resources and tourists to find authentic experiences more easily which is also done by allowing direct two-way communication between them and online payments as well. We are developing a custom web solution with the help of Google Cloud and using different technologies such as Java and Javascript, so the product can be later upgraded into a mobile app solution and be easily scalable. Alongside that, we are integrating other solutions into ours to enhance the customer journey and overall experiences, such as chat for communication purposes between service providers and end-consumers and payment gateway for seamless transaction conduction.
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marketplace, tourism, tours, gastro tours
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