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Business Description
Ausker is an Italian kitchen hardware manufacturer born in 2015. The brand sells kitchen utensils and is focused on creating the best price/quality ratio, promoting its high-value standards while selling the products at a very competitive price.

Ausker has chosen to sell its products directly, via the website www.ausker.com. This allows the price to stay low, avoiding any mediator or reseller, while selling a high-end product.

The name Ausker is not chosen at random. It is in fact the fusion of phonetics in "House" and "Care". " Taking care of your house" is our main objective.

Throughout Ausker's range of goods, the customer will have complete control of his environment thanks to the high quality of the materials used.
The products are, in fact, designed to resist time and abuse.

Ausker offers only the best, choosing cutting-edge materials and assembling them to create a constantly evolving product at the forefront of technological advancement.
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