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Business Description
Aunoa is Artificial Intelligence Software company focused on providing automation tools to improve customer experience and support
Long Business Description

Which is the problem to solve? What we have is an evidence: the current communication channels that people are using to communicate among them are very different from channels that companies use to interact with their customers.

It’s pretty clear that the Instant Messaging apps are the channels that we use the most; I mean apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, Twitter or Instagram; then, our business is to provide to the companies tools to be where their customers are, so into those apps.

It doesn’t mean just additional channels, but accessibility, nearness, immediacy and specially, be aware of customer generational renewal: young people don’t make a phone call, don’t use email, don’t use websites neither.

So, what we do is, inside these channels, develop solutions based on Artificial Intelligence technology, particularly Natural Language Recognition, to provide automatically the answers for people questions, give 24/7 support and, combining with human interaction and supervision, dramatically improve the customer support efficiency and user experience.

Based in
AI, Conversational, Chatbots, NLP
Total Funding
Between €500K-€ 1 million
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