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Business Description
Audoora is developing a business-communication-cloud for the craft-industries to help retailer, wholesaler and manufacturers overcome manual workflows by digitize all dimensions of purchase processes with ai powered services.
Long Business Description

Audoora automates and digitizes purchasing processes from the retail trade to the manufacturer and also serves as a solution for communication with government authorities in the future. In concrete terms, all processes from B2B marketing to product information exchange, ordering, billing and payment are digitally controllable. The most common ERP systems (Enterprise Ressource Planning) in the respective industry are connected to the purchasing cloud via direct EDI interfaces. In this way, business information is organized intelligently, automatically and securely. Communication with state authorities involves comprehensive procedural documentation and tax notifications. The EU has already published numerous guidelines for this, which have come into force in stages over the last few years.

The process steps in purchasing and sales are accompanied and made editable by an "all-in-one data format" or prepared in big data analyses with the help of anonymized metadata. In the long term, a data basis is created to support and optimize strategic decisions by AI. Craft enterprises can use a free entry variant (Freemium Model) via the Internet and upgrade to a higher functional range if required by paying a percentage (1-2%) of their purchase volume as a usage fee. Suppliers pay a percentage of the sales volume (2-3%), which is made through Audoora. We convince through a radical customer benefit approach. In contrast to other suppliers, the technical connection (EDI etc.) of the systems, as well as project management and the change process in the partner company is free of charge! We only charge a fee once the processes are automated and a real added value is created.

Based in
EDI, AI, craft-business, procurement
Total Funding
Between €1-€100K
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