Business Description
High-tech drone geophysics for efficient surveying, inspection and expert evaluation of surfaces and subsoils. With the help of drone technology, we analyse areas, buildings and structures of all kinds within the shortest possible time and with the highest precision. Visualised clearly and precisely to the centimetre.

The basis is drone geomagnetics with our highly specialized geophysical sensor technology, coupled with drone photogrammetry.

As a spin-off of the Institute of Geophysics of the University of Muenster, we have been operating mainly in the fields of application:
– UXO Detection
– Disturbing Body Detection
– Pipeline-Locating
– Archaeology
– 3D-Survey

Drone Geomagnetics:
With our self-developed drone geomagnetics method it is possible to detect e.g. explosive ordnance, ferrous contaminated sites, pipelines and current-carrying lines in the ground. A drone equipped with a magnetometer flies autonomously over a previously planned measurement area and measures the local magnetic field of the earth. Especially in areas that are difficult to access and for probing large areas, drone geomagnetics has an advantage over conventional methods.

Drone Photogrammetry:
The surveying and mapping of areas plays a decisive role in the cost calculation of construction projects. Especially the surveying of inaccessible areas was not possible or very cost-intensive until now.
Through the use of drones, these areas can be mapped and directly included in the construction planning within the framework of digitalisation.
Based in
Geophysics, Drones, Geomagnetics, Photogrammetry, UXO Detection
Total Funding
No funding announced yet
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