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Artexpert is a mobile app and platform for managing a portfolio of arts, antiques, and collectibles. It has a unique evaluation feature that can be used to determine the value of any item in the world.
Our team is passionate to transform the industry into a faster safer and more transparent place.
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We are creating assets/wealth management SaaS for arts, antiques, and collectibles owners with b2c and b2b tools and decentralized database/registry of ownership. With our apps, users are able to unfreeze their assets and use them for financial operations. Our unique algorithm can evaluate any art, antique or collectible for further monetization. Our protocol-agnostic registry is tracking ownership and all events related to the item(evaluation/expertise, lab diagnostics, insurance, sale).
People have a lot of frozen assets(collectibles and arts and antiques) but they cannot easily use them in financial operations. In two words – you may have some valuable things in your garage but there is no simple way how to figure out if it worth trying to monetize it.
People get used to seeing their bank balance in the mobile app, the new generation also used to see digital currencies, what if you can also see your frozen assets from the garage as a value in your app. Our unique algorithm can evaluate any art or antique item for further monetization.

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art, antiques,collectibles,portfolio,evaluation,saas
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No funding announced yet
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