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Business Description
Art Mavens is the global hub for art professionals and organisations to connect, collaborate and transact. It is the leading freelance marketplace for art professionals, with a community app that aggregates art world information, events and expertise. Art Mavens is a thought leader and knowledge hub for the arts community and gives you the inside track to the art world… Created for art professionals, by art professionals.
Long Business Description


To create the global hub for all art professionals and organisations to connect, collaborate and transact. To offer opportunities and value for all actors of the art world whilst fostering collaboration and connoisseurship.


1. Rolling out a suite of products to accelerate networking, opportunities and business transactions in the arts

2. Growing our freelancer marketplace as the leading platform for art professionals and organisations to transact safely and hassle free.
a. Offering instant access to verified talent
b. Making freelance work straight forward and economically viable
c. Raising the awareness of how art professionals can contribute to all industries

3. Leveraging our community app to aggregate all art information, events and expertise.
a. Centralising content into one curated art professional feed, as the go to destination for the arts ecosystem
b. Aggregating user content and events to create regular touch points and visibility

4. Acting as a thought leader and information hub to gain a better understanding of the dynamics of the global art world

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art, freelance, community
Total Funding
No funding announced yet
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