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Business Description
Applied Autonomy is an IoT Content Services platform for enabling the effective deployment of smart applications in the mobility sector space.
Long Business Description

«Mobility»: a game changing revolution through IoT and “big data”
The megatrend towards AI based mobility necessitates an IoT Content Services Platform for the enabling of smart solutions …

A portfolio of 20+ development projects (80+ MNOK) in Northern Europe (2017-2024) verify private and public sector interest towards a problem-solution fit

Business Model: Projects and recurring revenue from applications and APIs

Problem we address
Multitude of data sources and “sensors”
Separate data-flows with no coordination
Prevents “smart” AI mobility applications

Our solution
The Applied Autonomy IoT Content Services Platform
Collects, aggregates and combines data
Adds AI algorithms to enhanced data
Enables smart mobility solutions

Based in
Sustainable transport solutions, IOT Content Service platform, AI based mobility

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