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ANNEA provides a next-generation automated predictive maintenance platform enabling renewable energy assets to analyze and communicate their own health status. This knowledge guarantees maximum uptime of the machines and saves money and time.
Using the data coming from the already existing sensors, our IoT-solution leverages data pipelines and builds up digital twins of each asset, based on a combination of physical and data-driven artificial intelligence models. These are then used to perform the real-time failure and root cause prediction. The platform gives alarms, identifying where the asset will have a problem, what will cause it, and suggests how and when should it be repaired.
We are positioning our product with a SaaS (Software as a Service) model. The revenue model will be time-based subscription per monitored asset. Our main product is the fully automated backend engine which provides results on the future failures. The results of the backend predictions can easily be integrated within other 3rd party existing solutions in our customers via an API which is also provided.
In addition to our backend engine, we also do have an optional frontend dashboard which is also positioned as a SaaS time-based subscription per user model.
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Predictive Maintenance, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Automated Condition Monitoring, Renewable Energy, Production Machinery, Aircrafts, Transportation & Logistics, and IoT-Platform

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