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Today, salespeople still use their brain, notebooks or unstructured CRM-systems to store personal data (e.g. Interests, family situation, network) of their clients with whom they will or have built a long-term client relationship. Two main problems occur.
1) Firstly, what happens when the salespeople leave the company and used their brain or a notebook and disappear with all the information?
2) Secondly when salespeople have a client-meeting and haven’t seen the client for a while and they would like to get information about the client they look to their unstructured CRM systems or notebooks or check on LinkedIn/social media for the personal information which is a time-consuming process.

Our solution consists of a plug for CRM systems where we:
3) (EMOTIONAL) PROFILE clients by using an advanced algorithm (Scientific based – partnership with Ugent faculty of psychology).
4) MATCH the clients with the best potential salesperson available in the company by using a scientific algorithm based on AI & Machine Learning (Scientific based).
5) ANALYSE data via a Management-tool that visually tracks, analyzes and displays KPI, metrics and key data to support the sales/marketing/HR departments.
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sales, CRM, systems
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