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Amberlair is tapping into the energy-filled resource that is the global travel community to develop extraordinary hotel concepts. We are creating perfect boutique hotels that live through our community and evolve continually.
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Boutique hotels with a reverse approach:
Create an audience first, let our future guests have a say, and then comes the hotel.

Amberlair has a revolutionary approach to set up boutique hotels around the world. Through innovative use of crowdsourcing and social media, Amberlair brings together the global travel community and lets them have a say even before the hotels are built. Our community consists of well-known travel bloggers and luxury travelers who have a reach of more than 2 million on Social Media.

We give power back to the guests, allowing them to shape how a property will be used and what it will look like to have the best boutique hotel experience imaginable. Guests can participate, interact, influence, back, fund or simply lay back and watch it happen.

For many hotels, people stay there only once after finding rooms online and they do not have a relationship with the brand. Amberlair creates potential lifelong guests, where people can get more involved with the brand and put their heart in the project.

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