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Alberami promotes natural solutions to increase the absorption of CO₂ from the atmosphere, thanks to the planting of new trees and the encouragement of more efficient and eco-friendly agricultural practices, providing certainty in the results obtained in capturing CO₂ through actual measurements.
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Alberami is the platform of intermediation between farmers, who with their agricultural crops are able to store CO₂ (carbon dioxide), and industries and individuals who intend to voluntarily offset their emissions. Alberami takes advantage the great capacity of agricultural land to absorb and trap huge amounts of carbon for a long time, it increases its capacity through the promotion of sustainable agricultural practices and creates an additional income stream for farmers through the sale of the newly created excess CO₂-storing capacity.

Utilising Blockchain technology as the ideal architecture to prevent the counterfeiting of CO₂ offset records and certificates issued, Alberami's technological architecture allows the quantification of the CO₂ absorption potential of sustainable agriculture projects, the certification of all stakeholders, and the attestation of emission offsets in a safe and unambiguous way.

Alberami has developed a proprietary carbon farming project in Italy which focuses primarily on the prevalent olive growing sector, evaluated independently, following the eligibility requirements of ISO-14064-2 under the guidance of Icelandic registrar International Carbon Registry. This ensures that the credits generated by Alberami represent the actual reduction or removal of one ton of CO₂e from the atmosphere.

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Carbon Farming
Total Funding
Between €1-€100K
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