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Business Description
AIVisionEye provides TravelClean & Fresh solution for Shared Mobility, 
which detects trash, graffities and valuable belongings of passengers 
as well as monitors indoor air quality automatically.
Long Business Description

Pressure to reduce CO2 emissions globally are every government’s agenda.
Shared mobility is one of the most sustainable driver of it.
But the industry is haunted by vandalism and misbehavior.

This type of customer misbehavior leads to the situation where carsharing-segment has to close service and for public transport-segment, it causes extra costs.
The attractiveness of public transport is too low and graffiti removal causes delays and costs millions of dollars.
Also, Autolib in Paris closed their carsharing service due to a large amount of damage to vehicles and high maintenance costs.

AIVisionEye has developed the state of art Travel Clean & Fresh solution for shared mobility, which combines the following two systems.

Travel Clean & Fresh consists of a wide-angle camera unit and an odor detector installed on the ceiling of the vehicle.

The camera captures pictures of the interior and an odor detector sweeps the car for suspicious odors. The data is sent to a remote server via the vehicle’s WIFI or 4G connection.

The captured data is processed with machine learning algorithms, which evaluate whether the passengers have left trash or valuables inside. Also, events of vandalism and misbehavior are analyzed.

After processing, the resulting information and alerts are generated automatically to the vehicle operator’s maintenance systems or any other 3rd party applications if maintenance or cleaning services are needed.

Our solution makes traveling a more pleasant experience. It also helps you to save your operating expenses.

Your virtual eye & nose

Based in
SharedMobility, Sustantainability, CO2 emission
Total Funding
Between €1-€100K
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