AIgecko Technologies

AIgecko Technologies
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AIgecko Technologies
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Do you really know what you eat? With only ONE PICTURE you can!
AIgecko Technologies is an spin-off from Universitat de Barcelona. More than 8 years in deep learning algorithms develop and the biggest food dataset worldwide.
We developed products&services for: hospitals, sports clubs, insurance companies, nutritional apps, restaurants,…
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AI (ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE) IN COMPUTER VISION & DEEP LEARNING FOR FOOD RECOGNITION. Analyze on real time your meals just by taking a picture of it. Based on the most advanced Deep Learning and Computer Vision Artificial Intelligence algorithms, we detect every food item on a plate or tray, evaluate serving quantity, and estimate all nutritional micro and macro key values. The most advanced API in food AI and food tracking and food diary generation. The best Food Image detection API solution for your business, providing food imaging information including food type, food groups, dishes, ingredients or recipes and nutritional information (micro and macro nutrients). Upload just one image and receive all detailed information. The best solution to keep an exhaustive follow up of your customers or patients. Food API detects +1000 different dishes using the biggest food image datasets from different countries/cultures in the world. +30 years of experience in computer vision, since 2013 developing Food Deep Learning algorithms. Our clients have applied our AI Food Detection solution on several projects and contexts. From food tracking for the elderly or for people who want to follow a healthy lifestyle; to medical solutions like nutrition estimation for diabetes or renal disease patients.

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food, ai, nutrition
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No funding announced yet
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