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1st centralised e-commerce marketplace platform for a £4.3bn industry
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The Problem
Manufacturers are heavily reliant on high street merchants to sell their products, located in remote, hard to find industrial estates, that close 4pm weekdays, weekends, bank holidays and offer limited stock and product availability
This affects 2 million installers and their businesses throughout the UK that must regularly travel to purchase their goods and materials
This also affects the growing trend of homeowners wanting to buy their own heating products that currently do not know where to go, what’s available or what to pay
The 15 million homes in the UK with insufficient heating systems and 4 million homes in fuel poverty.
This is partly attributed to wrongly sized and installed heating systems that are both costly to buy, service and inefficient to run

Whats the solution?
A centralised E-commerce platform that provides manufacturers, merchants and distributors the opportunity to market and sell to a larger, more receptive consumer market for the first time.
A sustainable, cost effective and scalable platform that offers consumers a convenient, immersive and enjoyable experience, in a real time environment providing more choice, more delivery and more collection options
A platform that benefits from two award winning 'system sizing apps’ (that took 2 years to build) for essential on-screen help to those wanting to calculate correctly sized (and high ticket) heating products such as boilers, radiators and underfloor heating, that can be purchased securely through the site.
A platform aimed at keeping build costs down and to work alongside current distribution networks, so no physical storage of items is required

Based in
e-commerce, marketplace, B2B, B2C Fintech

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