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Business Description
actesy provides technical and compliance solutions in the fields of data migration/data synchronization, services integration, process optimization, office compliance (Excel, text based documents and multichannel management), automated testing and validation as well as digital transformation of IT structures.
Long Business Description

actesy is the Swiss pocket knife of digitalization and solves the most critical challenges in IT. All systems and databases, regardless of their maturity level and data model, can be easily connected to each other to ensure frictionless communication. This is possible because of the adapters and the universal data model. Furthermore, cross-system business processes according to BPMN 2.0 can be easily modeled, set up and also used for monitoring. Finally, actesy RPA enables complete process automation incl. AI and a complete audit trail for compliance. All this creates the unique technology for the key focus of actesy: RegTech.

The basis technology of actesy combined with the experience of the founders in regulated industries enables new solutions for the market in different fields. The core is always the connection of different systems/databases/applications to an audited and documented solution. Therefore, the actesy product suite is focusing on the underlying basis of new services and products to let them thrive in a regulated environment. The documentation of transactions, data, exchanges, processes etc. is key to every actesy solution and beyond as was learned from the life sciences industry with the GAMP5 rules. The actesy product suite covers different business areas: data migration and synchronization, office solution compliance, multi-channel compliance and (data) validation and testing. Moreover, the solutions are industry-independent so that it can be used and adapted to every thinkable industry. Besides the basis technology, actesy developed the following products:

- actesy Intelligent Data Migration (IDM): Sustainable tool to migrate and synchronize any system in an automated, audited and controlled process to enable a compliant migration and synchronization of systems.

- Office Compliance: Spreadsheets and documents get traceable and audited incl. access rights to the contents. Every entry, change, etc. can be tested and evaluated in the sense of a difference analysis and shows references. The solution also includes an OCR scanner to analyze scanned documents.

- actesy Communications: This solutions allows a holistic multichannel management for all forms of communication to implement an audit trail across all communication channels.

- actesy ValEasy: Automated testing and validation tool to test processes and data frictionless cross-system. It allows chain-testing over different systems with virtual data to simulate reality.

Based in
St. Gallen
Data Migration, Data compliance, Integrations, Process optimization
Total Funding
Between €500K-€ 1 million
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